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Most of the dogs are here for 2 and half hours either in the morning or in the afternoon. The concept of short day care service is preferred by us since the dogs don't get too tired and cranky.


The dogs can have a great time chasing and playing with the other dogs at Dawg Tired Play Days. We do not confine dogs 24/7 in cages. The dogs here play and spend time in groups.


At the end of the day, your dogs will be well-exercised, happy, and ready for a perfect nap. Let us help you keep your dog happy and active.

A fun and loving place for

your dogs

Non-traditional boarding

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It has been truly said that a happy and well-cared dog has a happy master. Keeping you and your dog happy is our priority. Leave your dog here and take back a happy, tired dog.


Dawg Tired Play Days believes that all dogs should be given an equal opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs. This will make them happier and more contented.


Dawg Tired Play Days has a facility, where your dogs can relax and play with other dogs of the same temperament.

Loving and attentive care for

your dogs

Top-quality dog care since 1990

Cavalier greatly benefit by interacting and playing with other dogs. They enjoy playing and chasing each other. Penelope and Rick Fellows are experienced breeders.


They are lifetime lovers of dogs and understand the needs of dogs. They have been showing their Cavaliers in AKC and CKCSC, USA since 1996.


Bring your dogs to Dawg Tired Play Days of Tacoma, WA for the ultimate dog sitting and dog exercising services.

Let your dogs run and

play around

10% senior and active military discount

Dawg Tired Play Days is like an exclusive dog park. Let us take care of your dogs while you are away. You can always rely on us for the highest quality boarding, transportation, and complete dog care services.

Reliable daycare and boarding for your dogs

Are you going out of home but cannot take your loving pets along? Do not worry. Dawg Tired Play Days of Tacoma, WA has

the perfect solution for you. Leave it to us to provide the love and care your dogs need when you are not around.